Baby Accessories

Whether you are looking for stroller accessories to keep your baby happy while you are out and about or the perfect baby gift, we have beautiful baby accessories to choose from.

What baby accessories do I need?

There are endless baby accessories out there and it can be difficult to narrow it down to what is essential. We have compiled some baby accessories that we think will make your life a little easier. Like every other baby purchase there are some important things to consider like your babies age and weight, and the quality of materials used. Stroller accessories can be an essential element to making your trips out with your baby smoother and more enjoyable. Some essential stroller accessories include stroller hooks, a stroller pad for your baby’s warmth and comfort and stroller rain-covers.

Baby swings are an accessory but often become an invaluable part of your day. Great for getting your baby to sleep or keeping them happy for a few minutes. Giving you those few priceless extra minutes.

Looking for the perfect baby accessories?

We have thought very carefully about what is important when it comes to your baby stroller accessories and have a great selection of useful items. An essential item is a stroller rain-cover, a one size fits all is incredibly useful, keeping your baby dry but can also be used to protect your stroller from dust when it’s not being used.  Our baby swings include cool features like Bluetooth connection so you can play your child’s favorite music and include remote control so you can control speed and set a timer. We all know that traveling with a baby can mean lots of bags. Stroller hooks are a great way to add extra storage. Our hooks are great for holding groceries, handbags and of course diaper bags.

The ultimate accessory has to be a diaper bag with a changing station all in one! This absolute essential is ultra-convenient and compact.