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Privacy Policy

Introduction: This Privacy Policy outlines the methodologies and practices we employ regarding the collection, utilization, and disclosure of your information when you engage with our Service. It also provides insights into your privacy rights and the legal protections available to you.

By leveraging our Service, you are giving your assent to the collection and use of information in coherence with this Privacy Policy.

Personal Data Privacy Notice for Maternity Miracles Customers and Guests:

Esteemed Customers and Guests,

We present this Personal Data Privacy Notice in accordance with the mandates set out by the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA) for all esteemed customers and guests of Maternity Miracles.

In our interactions, we accumulate, collect, and process your personal data for various objectives, inclusive of but not limited to communication, provision of products/services, responding to inquiries, informing you about updates on our offerings, and for other operational necessities as articulated in our comprehensive Privacy Policy.

Some of the data we collect could be classified as sensitive, encompassing information about health, religious beliefs, and other categories as stipulated by the law.

We assure that none of your personal data will be shared with third parties without your explicit consent. Exceptions include affiliated entities of Maternity Miracles, our vendors, partners, and service providers. Note that this might entail transferring your data outside the United States to centralized data storage facilities overseas.

Providing us with your data is imperative for service provision. A lack of this or non-compliance with this Policy may hinder our ability to serve you.

Furthermore, Maternity Miracles collaborates with platforms like Facebook to enhance advertising relevancy and customer experience.

We are dedicated to the secure storage of your data. You reserve the right to access, rectify, or limit the use of your data with us. For instance, you can opt-out of marketing communications.

For such requests, reach out to: Data Protection Officer Phone: +1-628-251-1293 Email: - Contact Us

By submitting your data, you vouch for its accuracy and relevancy. Should there be any changes, you're obligated to update us promptly.

On occasions, you might have shared data of other individuals. By doing so, you declare your authority to share and have acquired their consent for data processing as per this Policy.

We may periodically modify this Privacy Policy. Any amendments will be applicable only to data collected post the revision. We also reserve the right to intermittently suspend or terminate our service, without prior notification.

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