Double Strollers

The idea of traveling or simply going around in day to day life with more than one child can be daunting but ! C choosing the right double stroller will make your life a little easier.

Whether you are a parent expecting your second child or expecting twins, we have beautiful twin strollers to choose from. There are a few types of double strollers on the market from side by side styles to tandem styles.

How to choose the right double stroller?

Our double strollers are configured with one seat behind the other or one next to the other. The convenient width means you can easily navigate and gives you excellent maneuverability. This is an essential benefit, especially when considering shopping trips with your little ones !

When choosing the right double stroller, take into consideration the ages of your children, the design you want, your lifestyle and of course your budget.

Our double strollers are constructed with safe, strong and heavy-duty frames, providing a great system for your family over a long period of time. Our highly adjustable strollers mean you have the flexibility needed as your babies grow and their needs change.

Searching for the perfect twin stroller?

We want to help take the stress out of searching for the best double stroller. Simply choose from our carefully selected designs.

We have premium quality easy-to-use twin strollers options. Some great features of our strollers include foldable designs for more convenience, lockable wheels for safety and flexibility, and high quality non-toxic and breathable materials that are easy to clean. Your double stroller doesn’t have to be difficult to maneuver with universal front wheels for easy control of direction.

If you need any assistance or have any queries about stroller specifications, we are happy to help. Please call or email us today, and we will respond within 48 hours.