Grey Portable Baby Playpen For Newborn Toddler

Grey Portable Baby Playpen For Newborn Toddler

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This play yard is extremely necessary for new daddy and mom, or even for the family which has one more kids. Sometimes all the grown-up need is a minute and this can be especially challenging when baby starts to move. Parents always use toys to attract their little ones and expect kids could stay well with themselves. How could that always be? Even adult needs interaction with others.
This playpen could create an excellent parent-child interaction place, for less space but more fun! It allows little ones to be inside playing toys, reading picture books, having a snap, or having fun with pals. Also for it’s so lightweight and foldable, you can take it with you anywhere, on vacation, or to visit the grandparents, relatives and friends. Just put everything inside the handy travel bag, sling it over your shoulder, and have a quick going! What an ideal design for modern parents and children!

  • PARENT-CHILD INTERACTION: Peek-a-boo could be easily for parents to play with kids! This portable playard uses secure, see-through mesh that allows you to see baby, and baby to see you! On the upper side and every side, you could suddenly appear to your baby on different position to make your baby happy.
  • ENOUGH HIGH FOR SAFETY: For your little one, there is not only fun, the safety is more important for baby. This play pen gives enough height surrounding for baby playing inside. No matter in side of your home or outside the yard or park, this playard could give grown-ups a small scale to keep their eyes on kids.
  • KEEP TOYS IN RIGHT PLACE: Toys must be the paradise to children, but parents' nightmare. This playpen comes out to help parents to live in a tidy and not-mess-toy home. Your little ones could stay inside of play yard playing toys, reading picture books or do anything they like. 
  • CATIONIC FABRIC FOR DELICATE SKIN: A children appliance needs child-friendly materials. This baby playpen could definitely fit your little one's needs. For the cationic fabric cloth is really soft for baby's delicate skin. New mom and daddy could be sure that your little one would have nice surroundings. Also it is easily removable and washable. 
  • EFFORTLESS TO ASSEMBLE AND COLLAPSE: When uncover the outer bag, grown-ups could easily unfold the cot part, with hearing the sound of locking. After attaching the leg poles, parents could put the mattress into the play yard to keep little ones in wonderful condition to have fun. When collapse, there is a button to press and fold the whole playpen. Super easy, isn't it?


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