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Are you the parent of two small children or twins ? Why not make your life a whole lot easier with a luxury foldable double stroller? Having two kids does not mean you have to make do with a heavy and cumbersome stroller that is difficult to maneuver around your city. It is now possible to find a lightweight double stroller that folds easily! 

Foldable Double Stroller

Why buy a Luxury Foldable Double Stroller ?


A foldable double stroller is a great investment in your growing family, keeping your little ones safe and comfortable and helping you get around a little easier. 

Being able to fold away your double stroller quickly and easily is a must for the parents of two small toddlers. There are different options when it comes to double strollers: a tandem double stroller, where one seat is behind the other one, is a great option since it can fit through doors and is usually more compact, foldable and easy to use.

Buying one foldable stroller for two kids is also really affordable, both for your budget and for the space in your home.

Foldable Double Stroller

What are the features of our Luxury Foldable Double Stroller ?


Double or twin strollers are built for two children, and thus are durable and sturdy: in fact,  our lightweight double stroller has a heavy duty steel frame, making it really strong.

Of course, traveling with two toddlers means carrying lots of stuff. Our foldable double stroller features an extremely useful large storage space. The wheels are built for safety and maneuverability, with rear brakes and anti-shock suspension. The seats are configured with the front seat for ages 7 to 36 months, and the back seat for ages 6 to 36 months.

Please contact us today for more information about our foldable double stroller options, baby jogger strollers, and car seat-compatible strollers and check also our grey double stroller !



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