Single Stroller

What are the advantages of single strollers?

There are lots of benefits  in using single strollers. They are compact, lightweight, easy to store and can more easily suit your needs.

Single strollers are often incredibly lightweight meaning it’s much easier to travel and to store. Buying compact strollers doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the comfort of a larger stroller, at all. You will have the same comfort thanks to features like lockable wheels, great storage baskets, and plenty of adjustability.

Single strollers are great for busy parents who travel and are often on the go. The advantages are that they are more compact than other strollers, which is great if you have limited storage space at home. Although smaller, our single strollers are still strong and maneuverable.

The perks of ordering a single stroller with Maternity Miracles is that your single stroller purchase comes with a satisfaction guarantee giving you 30 days to make sure you are happy with this important purchase.


What types of single strollers to choose from?

Carefully consider what type of single stroller you need. Of course this depends greatly on the age of your infant and your lifestyle. Do you travel a lot or do you enjoy outdoor activities? We offer beautiful compact strollers and lightweight strollers.

Travel stroller : Travel with ease with your lightweight strollers! With their convenient foldable design, travel strollers are easy to store and carry, fitting babies ranging from 7 to 36 months.

Jogger stroller : Do you enjoy running or simply a more active lifestyle ? A jogger stroller is a great option, with air-filled rubber tires that offer a smooth ride on any terrain. Adjustable wheels that can be locked for added stability while running or unlocked for more maneuverability when needed.

Reversible strollers : A reversible stroller option allows your baby to either face you or the outside world. With the ability to adjust so that your baby can sit upright.

We guarantee you will enjoy whatever lightweight easy-to-use single stroller option you choose.