When Can Babies Sit in Strollers?

When Can Babies Sit in Strollers?

Have you been using the infant car seat for a while and are looking to move your baby to the stroller? Knowing when your baby can sit in a stroller is essential.

As you may already know, strollers make life easier for parents especially when traveling. A baby stroller comes in handy when you’re taking a trip and as a mom or a dad, you won’t get exhausted carrying your baby around.

So, if you’re ready to explore what’s the right time to have your baby sit in a stroller, let’s get started.


When Can a Baby Use a Stroller?

Every child develops at their own pace. This means that there isn’t a specific age that all babies can sit in strollers. Moving from the car seat to the stroller greatly depends on the stage of your child’s development.

For instance, you can put your stroller into a sitting position when your baby can hold up their head without support. For many infants, that’s at 4 months. 

Before this age, it’s recommended to use a stroller where your baby lies flat. Only adjust the back of the stroller when you notice they’re starting to raise their head. Once they have steady head control, they can comfortably sit in a stroller.

Again, growth varies from one child to another. All you need to do is pay attention to your baby’s development and make the changes when the right time comes.


What to Consider When Buying a Stroller

It’s best to pick a stroller that suits your baby as they grow but it should also meet your requirements. So, it’s time to explore some things to consider before purchasing a baby stroller.


Your baby’s age

A stroller that can fully recline is great for babies aged less than 3 months. If you need a stroller for your baby from birth to his or her toddler year, choose a convertible one. It’s possible to use such strollers with a car seat.


Your lifestyle

You need to consider if you’ll be using the car or taking public transport and walking in most cases. Your preferred mode of transport determines which stroller you need to buy.

If it’s your car, it’s best to go for a stroller that can fit well in the trunk. In case you’re into outdoor activities, choose a sturdy stroller with a great suspension. As for public transport, it helps to go with models that are light in weight and can be folded easily.


The size of the stroller

Keep the size of your desired stroller in mind when folded and unfolded. Can it go through all the doors it’s supposed to and in your car trunk? Does it fit where you want to store it?

Also, no one wants a stroller that’s too heavy to be lifted up the stairs. Considering these factors when picking a stroller saves you from future troubles.


How can you help your infant in their development?

You may be wondering if it’s possible to enhance your infant’s muscle growth and make them stronger. Some exercises can help with that.

Don’t let your baby spend all their time on their back. Start putting him or her on their tummy. A little tummy time helps babies build neck, shoulder, arm, stomach, and back muscles. Try it for a couple of minutes (like three to five).

Remember to lie on your stomach too and keep his or her company. Engage with them the way they like. It can be smiling, making faces, talking, or singing.

This simple move can enable your baby to quickly develop the muscles necessary for sitting up on their own and on  a stroller.