Three year-old in Stroller : Which one to Choose?

Three year-old in Stroller : Which one to Choose?
Three year-old in stroller : which one to choose?As many toddlers enter preschool at around the age of three, a good sturdy stroller with a high weight capacity really comes in handy for these daily commutes between home and school. Keep reading our article to discover the different strollers available for transporting your three year-old.

Three year-old in a Jogger Stroller


Jogger strollers provide your child with a smooth, comfortable ride thanks to the three sturdy air-filled wheels, and the front swivel wheel can be either locked for traveling over rough, uneven terrains such as gravel, grass, sand or steps or unlocked for more peaceful urban strolls. As the name suggests, this stroller is designed for active moms who do a lot of walking or jogging. However, it’s also a great choice for taking your toddler to preschool or to the park. The luxury jogger stroller by Maternity Miracles comes with a large expandable canopy to protect your child from harmful UVA rays and wind. It has both a parent tray and a child’s tray with two cup holders. Like all strollers, our jogger stroller can be adjusted with an infant car seat adapter. Safety is a top priority with this model since it is equipped with a five-point harness and a wrist strap to avoid the stroller rolling away from you. The generous storage basket will allow you to carry all the items you need during your outdoor excursions. The foldable construction is very compact and allows you to easily store the stroller in your home or car trunk.

Three year-old in a Travel Stroller


Here’s another option that would be a suitable choice for a three year-old. Travel strollers are very sturdy and built to last, yet are lightweight and easy to maneuver, making long commutes and outdoor outings with your toddler less tiring and a lot easier. Since travel strollers are more compact than ordinary strollers, you can easily navigate with them in crowded cities and train or bus stations. Travel strollers fold quickly and are easy to store. Their small size allows them to fit easily on buses, trains or in the trunk of your car. You can literally take them wherever you need to go. The travel stroller by Maternity Miracles offers your toddler a safe and comfortable ride. First of all, it is made with breathable, non-toxic materials. Secondly, it can be adjusted to either a sitting or lying position and comes with a sleep cushion for your child’s comfort. Thirdly, the extendable canopy offers protection from the sun or wind. It features a spacious storage basket that can carry all your accessories or other essentials. 

Three year-old in a Luxury 6-in-1 Baby Stroller


This stroller evolves into a tricycle and is beneficial to your child’s development by favoring coordination and balance. It is a fun way to travel with your toddler and can help him or her develop key motor skills. The 6-in-1 stroller by Maternity Miracles adapts as your child grows and can be used up to the age of five. Its six modes allow you to easily adjust it according to your child’s age. This stroller is very easy to use, compactly folds and easily fits into the trunk of your car.  With this travel system, your child’s safety comes first thanks to features such as the foam-covered guardrail, the high back seat and the safety belt. It offers your toddler a comfortable ride thanks to the shockproof titanium air wheels that can travel over any terrain and the thick cushioning on the seat.  With this stroller, you’ll never have to worry about your child’s safety and comfort at any time. This option is a great choice to build your child’s confidence and teach them to become more aware of their surroundings and safety.