How to Choose a Stroller for Twins?

How to Choose a Stroller for Twins?

Transporting twins all day long can be quite a juggle. Just like buying a car, choosing a stroller isone of the most important decisions that you will have to make, especially when you have twins. A good stroller will allow you to safely transport your babies on all your short walks and long trips and since your double stroller will probably come in handy for several years, quality is very important. Keep reading to learn more about what you need to consider when choosing a stroller.


Tandem vs side-by-side

In terms of double strollers, you can choose either a tandem or a side-by-side model. Tandems are popular because they are easier to maneuver through narrow doorways or aisles. Tandems are also commonly chosen by families with two young toddlers. Many models come with a non-reclining seat for the older sibling. This can be an issue for infants who are unable to hold their heads up or who like to nap during trips. On the other hand, side-by-side strollers are more traditionally used for twins and work best with two infants of equal weight and age. Twins can sit comfortably next to each other and enjoy the same viewpoint. However, the width of these strollers can make it difficult to navigate in constricted spaces. 


Age, weight and height

Your choice of double stroller will largely be determined by the age, weight and height of your children. When choosing a double stroller, think of your needs in the long term. For babies, your stroller will need to be equipped with car seat adapters and bassinets whereas for older children, these attachments are no longer necessary. Nevertheless, your twins can outgrow their stroller depending on their weight and height. Taller twins might feel more comfortable in a large side-by-side stroller rather than in a narrow tandem.


Your daily terrain

Will you be walking mostly on paved sidewalks, or will you venture out on uneven terrain ? If you plan to use your double stroller on bumpy terrains, there are two features that you need to look for in a stroller. The first is front-locking wheels which keep the wheels in a front-facing position. This will give your stroller more stability and make the ride safer and more enjoyable for your baby. The second feature you need to look for in a stroller is a suspension system. Just like with a car, this kind of system will provide your baby with more comfort by absorbing all the shocks from rolling over uneven roads.



When shopping around for your new double stroller, you also need to consider the size, construction, guarantee and replaceability of the wheels. Stroller wheels usually come in four varieties. Standard rubber tires are suitable for smooth surfaces such as those that you can find in stores and shopping malls. Air-filled tires, which are like bicycle tires, are good for city streets. Pneumatic tires with reinforced rubber and compressed air will allow you to comfortably stroll or jog on different paths. However, air wheel tires with sealed ball bearings are good on any terrain. As a rule of thumb, the bigger the wheels, the smoother the ride.


Trunk space

Last but not least, you need to make sure that your double stroller will easily fit into your car trunk. Measure the width and depth of your trunk and keep those measurements in mind while you shop for your new stroller. Compare your trunk space with the folded size of the stroller. Make sure that your trunk can easily accommodate the stroller and still have room left over for shopping bags, tools, sports equipment or other gear.